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Annie and Jeff try to figure out who the ass crack bandit is with all the obsession of Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt in Seven. As a result, Greendale turns into a post-apocalyptic world like Mad Max or, more acutely, the Mad Max clone, Waterworld. While Greendale takes on a fiery imaginary hellscape, as opposed to an aquatic one, the idea that there is a sanctuary island in the middle that all fight for or trade with via lava or water gliding vehicles is very similar. Chang is tricked into believing he has been dead all along and is a ghost like Bruce Willis in that famed twist ending.

Yep, they did it before Black Mirror. Hipster Britta, who procrastinates in getting the app, and the usually cool Jeff are left begging at the bottom rung of society, much like how Zardoz develops a hilariously costumed future divided by a status ranking of five levels and pure apathy. Finally, cool aging student Coogler is obviously a riff on the titular Ryan Reynolds character in Van Wilder.

Before she was an Oscar winning movie star and superhero, Brie Larson was an indie darling with major cred In her last appearance as Rachel, the sullen introvert who becomes Abed's romantic interest, Abed wins her back after a fight by making a proclamation of love while having another student pour "rain" onti his head inside the school walls.

This could reference a thousand movies and TV shows, so we'll just shout out to our favorite, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Abed has never been very good at creating names for a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

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In this case, it is because a rejected G. Joe chef who has been imprisoned by the Joes for decades has been digging a hole out of his cell--conveniently hidden behind a Smash Mouth poster. So this episode obviously references the terrible The Lawnmower Man. Pretty subtly too with that title. To be fair, having the Dean gain a God Complex by playing ugly, rudimentary VR from the early '90s is a good joke that might just be dragged on too long.

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The third and mixed bag paintball episode is modeled after a variety of spy movies, but the moment fans likely most jumped with excitement at is an homage to the Russo Brothers' then-recent success directing Marvel Studios' Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When Dean Pelton goes inside of an elevator and is surrounded by hired guns working for a mysterious assassin, the incremental menace of them boarding the same small space as him humorously alludes to one of the most famous Marvel scenes.

It is then subverted when they all shoot each other, but not the Dean. In that movie, Christopher Lee's villain uses the eponymous weapon with special bullets. The assassin in this episode uses silver paintballs, and at the end, Jeff and the Dean corner the fiend in the Custodian Museum that includes maniquin replicas of the custodial staff, a la how ends up tricking his foe at the bizzare end of this lesser Bond movie by standing in for the manquin version of himself. This is for if she ever dies or is put in a coma and her lover or Abed?

Season 6 was honestly a mixed bag. While both Keith David and Paget Brewster wound up being superb additions to the cast, the magic really did leave as the original cast fractured. Some episodes of season 6 were solid and others disappointing, but it just all wasn't the same. Yet the finale found a surprising grace note where Harmon and Jeff Winger allow themselves to let go of what Community and life had comfortably become and face the unknown of moving on.

But not without taking a few potshots at those flavorless Marvel movies on the way out!

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And it's hilarious. More a scathing critique than a loving homage, here is what Jeff and Annie have to say about Marvel while contrasting the virtues of being young versus middle aged.

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Annie then gives her own measured thoughts about aging before adding in a low whisper, "[I don't want to be] a slave to waht's in front of me, especially these flavoress, unremarkable Marvel Movies. It is a succinct and vivid summation of many Marvel critics' frustration with how same-y Marvel movies can be, and it also breaks the fourth wall in a way that no non-Abed character has done before when Annie but really Alison Brie concedes she can't speak her opinion about Marvel Studios loudly lest she wants to "screw myself" out of being in a Marvel movie.

And given how Ms. Brie has criticized the parts she's auditioned for inside the MCU since, it makes this scene all the better. Hence why we are including the chance to watch it above! So there you have it!

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The 61 Movie References in Community. Again, as a mere mortal, please let me know of any that I missed! Also, you can tell me about which are your favorites in the comment section below! Read more of his work here. You can follow him on Twitter DCrowsNest. View the discussion thread. Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter. The 68 Movie References in Community With Community Season 6 on the horizon, we count down the 68 Community episodes seeped in movie references and homages.

Feature David Crow Sep 17, Video of Community - Marvel Movies. Also using an alpha juno-2 analog synth and a JX rompler. Re: Setting up patch names for external synths Fri Jan 03, am Hey guys, after defining the patch names in the environment, I find that you can't open up the same synth in another project since the environment is lost.

Music synthesizer.

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It looks to have a lot of promise. MCD Memory Cards may be used by different synthesizers see incomplete list below. All the more a challenge for synth spotters to maintain a list with the instruments and equipment that have so far been positively identified. It is an outburst of wild defiant sorrow, and of contempt for all the adversities of the world.

SY77 still sounds amazing, showcasing the power and finesse of FM as a sound source for lush pads, rhythmic textures and rich, if sometimes piercing soundscapes. The convertor also does just a very basic conversion and doesn't do any fancy mapping of the controls or anything. It was an exciting time, as new things were coming, technology and computing power was increasing, and I was young and into this stuff!