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I admittedly was intimidated when I helped my husband butcher a deer for the first time. But after those first few deer, I soon learned to enthusiastically embrace the job because this is where we ensure our final food product. The quality of the meat is totally dependent upon what we do during the butchering process. Making meat from a carcass is really quite simple.

Just break it down into working-sized pieces and then take your time processing it from there. For example, we start by reducing the deer to seven main pieces: two hindquarters, two back-straps, two shoulders and the neck. True, there can be meat in the ribs but this section of the deer is best utilized when you a are working on a large buck, and b the deer was in pristine shape when you field-dressed it. The back-straps are easy to remove. Just fillet them off the backbone of the deer as you would fillet a fish. Use the knife to feel your way around the spine.

Once you have worked the knife halfway down the back-strap, you can oftentimes pull it the rest of the way. No bone- saws are necessary. Just use your knife to separate the muscle groups. Use that for stew or stir fry. The bigger chunks can be divided into roasts or sliced always against the grain into steaks. Front shoulder and neck meat is almost always used for venison stew, chili and grinding meat in our home. These are ideal for weekend dinners in late winter. Shoulder roasts need to be slow-cooked on low heat.

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Mossy Oak Short Films. The Specialists. Cuz Mossy Oak TV. Hunting The Country. Mossy Oak Classics. Inside The Obsession. Obsession Revealed. Deer T. Turkey T. Victory Outdoors. Whistling Wings. Full Frame. Second Season. Fist Full Of Dirt. September 24, Hanging your deer head-up or head-down is much a decision of personal preference. Some prefer head-down because they believe it allows heat to escape more quickly from the larger cuts.

It is a good idea to wear gloves that go up to your elbow when gutting a deer.

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