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All your favourite toppings can be grown in your allotment and the resulting homemade pizza will be both healthier and more delicious than its takeout cousin.

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You can plant small tomato and pepper plants, onions, Italian herbs, and any other toppings you want in a small container. Then kids can see where their food comes from and get involved in planting, weeding, and obviously the essential taste testing. Nothing adds a bit of mystery to a garden plot like a beautiful fairy ring. Pick a spot under a tree so you can add hand-decorated lanterns or fairy lights above the circle. Kids are fascinated by bugs and many are actually beneficial for your allotment! Ladybirds, for example, are very handy for combatting pests such as aphids, which happily munch their way through your crops.

These helpful critters are more likely to stick around in your garden if they have some place to call home, so get creative with the kids and build them a ladybird hotel! Insects look for nooks and crannies to hide in when they want to shelter, so your hotel should have lots of little areas they can crawl into. A great way to make a ladybird hotel is by removing the front of a birdhouse and filling it with small tubes of bamboo to make a kind of ladybird beehive.

The best bit about this method is that you end up with a proper little house for the kids to get busy decorating! Seed bombing is a good way to get the kids to help with planting if you want to minimise how much time you have to spend using the washing machine after.

Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. This is how often you should be changing your bed sheets. Mr Bloom's Nursery. Not only does Robertson have decades of personal vegan cooking experience, but she is also a chef and has 20 cookbooks under her belt — you can be confident she knows what she's talking about. The much-loved British food heroes, The Hairy Bikers, return with yet another dieting book, this time packed full of simple but tasty vegetarian meals which prove that incorporating more plant-based dishes into your diet needn't be difficult or bland.

Meanwhile, those with more exotic palates are bound to enjoy the Latin American shepherd's pie or paneer and pea curry. Popular blogger Lily Diamond's first book pays homage to the nourishing and healing properties of herbs and flowers. We especially love this book for its stunning photography and creative recipes, not only for dishes to eat but also for natural, DIY beauty products.

The book is divided into chapters based on herbs and flowers, such as oregano, lavender, jasmine and orange blossom. Not only will this book teach you all about a myriad of culinary and medicinal uses of herbs and flowers, as well as how to easily get hold of them, but will teach you to make such wonderful concoctions as lemongrass basil coconut ice cream with black sesame brittle, and thyme-scented plum salad.

We made the persimmon bites with pomegranate molasses and crispy sage leaves, and they tasted every bit as delicious as they look. The popular Scandinavian foodie couple are back with another cookbook. We especially liked the taste of the mushroom, goat's cheese, pear and walnut fettuccine and the healthy baked donuts.

All recipes are also gluten-free and refined sugar free. Mira Manek promotes healthy Indian cooking though her popular supper clubs and cookery classes. In this book, she challenges stereotypical perceptions of Indian food as being rich and indulgent, offering healthier and lighter interpretations of classics that she has tweaked from recipes handed down from her mother and grandmother.

This colourful book offers recipes for homemade pastes, pickles and garnishes as well as an introduction to a variety of spices. The book is full of flavourful plant-based goodness such as mango and cardamom smoothies, masala grilled aubergine, avocado chutney and grilled maple pineapple with frozen coconut saffron yoghurt. If you're worried meat-free eating might lack variety, look no further than this esteemed Californian chef's homage to vegetables.

Organised alphabetically according to vegetable name, this comprehensive collection is bound to change your perception of vegetarian eating. Recipes are inventive and sophisticated, but simple enough for the home cook to follow. If you go meat-free you might find yourself eating more beans — and you're going to want your culinary repertoire to extend beyond beans on toast. In which case, we really recommend you get hold of this comprehensive guide by Tami Hardeman, author of the internationally recognised blog Running with Tweezers.

The book celebrates pulses in different ways, including dishes such as butter bean bisque, red lentil and sweet potato croquettes, and braised leeks and puy lentils. We found the desserts particularly imaginative — look out for strawberry and green lentil crisp, berry and lime mung bean ice pops and lentil baklava, which were all among our favourites.

Author of vegetarian blog My New Roots, Sarah Britton's second book is packed full of nutrient-loaded recipes that are quick and easy to make and use accessible ingredients. We love the bright and inspiring photography, and imaginative recipes with catchy names such as surprising sunflower seed risotto. If you're looking for something sweet, we absolutely loved the coconut cardamom blueberry snack cake.

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The book also offers many vegan and gluten-free options. If you're looking to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, there's no excuse not to look outside soups and salads. Especially not once you have a copy of popular blogger Kate Hackworthy's hugely imaginative cookbook that will show you how to have your cake and eat your veg too.

As the title suggests, once you're done flicking through this book you'll understand that the possibilities of using vegetables in sweet treats are endless. Social media star Taline Gabrielian's cookbook stood out to us especially because of the extensive desserts section, which offers mouth-watering healthier versions of indulgent-sounding treats such as peanut butter swirl chocolate cookies, galaxy bars, tiramisu and salty caramel tart.

Recipes are all gluten-free and refined sugar free. The book shows beautiful lifestyle images of Taline and her young children enjoying her beautiful food, and is written in her characteristically intimate style. We especially enjoyed the introduction, in which she talks about her approach to healthy eating and how she has been inspired by her Armenian heritage.

The book includes a helpful guide with tips and tricks for meat-free BBQing, and features everything from burgers and hotdogs to kebabs and pizza, as well as side dishes and salads. We also love the delicious array of homemade vegan sauces, which include flavoured butters, salsas and of course three types of BBQ sauce.

We particularly like the look of the aubergine gyros and quesadillas. However, our absolute favourite for its huge variety of recipes and international scope, is Vegan: The Cookbook. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage.

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